APRIL / Oxygen: simply, responsible

APRIL was born of the desire to breathe new life into the world of insurance. Every social, societal and environmental challenge inspires us on a daily basis.

Because it is in our DNA to be a committed and responsible player, CSR is a pillar of our group’s strategy.

Today, we are giving concrete expression to this ambition in a dedicated approach that we have named Oxygen and which is based on 4 axes:

– A driving force for our ecosystem: we are committed to a more sustainable insurance brokerage sector, in order to create lasting value for brokers and policyholders alike and to participate in the development of a fairer and more ethical world,

– A collective impulse: we encourage the development of our employees, to allow each one to find his or her place and we build a healthy and benevolent work environment for the success of all,

– A spark of solidarity: we want to work towards a fairer society to give as many people as possible, especially the most vulnerable, the means to grow and to play a part in their future,

– An awareness of our footprint: we are mobilising in favour of the environment in order to reduce the ecological impact of our society and contribute, at our level, to the collective response to the climate emergency.

See you soon to discover all our commitments and associated actions

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APRIL est le leader du courtage grossiste en France avec un réseau de 15 000 courtiers partenaires. Les 2 300 collaborateurs d’APRIL ont l’ambition de proposer à leurs clients et partenaires – particuliers, professionnels et entreprises – une expérience remarquable alliant le meilleur des relations humaines et de la technologie, en santé et prévoyance des particuliers, professionnels et TPE, en assurance des emprunteurs, en santé internationale et en dommages de niches. A l’horizon 2023, APRIL ambitionne de devenir un acteur digital, omnicanal et agile, champion de l’expérience client et leader sur ses marchés.

Le groupe APRIL opère dans 16 pays et a enregistré en 2021 un chiffre d’affaires de 544M€.

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